Cliff Nelson's Master's Thesis

American Warning Dissemination and NOAA Weather Radio

© 2002 by William Clifton Nelson

A thesis submitted to the faculty of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Chapel Hill
November 2002

Title Page (136K)
Copyright Page (16K)
Abstract (32K)
Acknowledgments Page (44K)
Table of Contents (16K)
List of Tables (16K)
List of Figures (36K)
Introduction (96K)
Literature Review (108K)
Significant Findings (40K)
Chapter 1: Caught Off Guard (120K)
Chapter 2: How We Got Here -- Dissemination, From the Army Signal Service to NOAA Weather Radio (3.8M)
Chapter 3: Genesis and Evolution of the NOAA Weather Radio Program (7.8M)
Chapter 4: How NOAA Weather Radio Fits Into the Nation's Attack Alert System (188K)
Chapter 5: Working Toward the Next Generation of Dissemination Glacier Speed (52K)
Chapter 6: Lack of NOAA Weather Radio Awareness a Continuing Problem -- Even Within Government (40K)
Chapter 7: Conclusion (60K)
Chapter 8: Recommendations (40K)
Appendix A: Today's Full Range of National Weather Service Dissemination Options (72K)
Appendix B: Valid Emergency Alert System Codes for Originating Agency and Event Type (52K)
Appendix C: Attack Procedures (64K)
Appendix D: Excerpted Comments from NWR Advocates to the United States Department of Justice Concerning the Proposed Homeland Security Alert System (52K)
Works Cited (120K)