Selection of manuscripts I edited 2011-2013:


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TEXTBOOK: Smith, C. F. (2012).Writing Public Policy: A Practical Guide to Communicating in the Policy-Making Process. (I copy edited the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th editions.) Oxford UP.


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Public information fact sheets on NOAA Weather Radio and severe-weather preparedness I created for East Carolina University in 2011:


Severe Weather Preparedness in Eastern North Carolina


Riesgos del Tiempo y la Preparación para las Emergencias en el área del este de Carolina del Norte


Why You Need a Weather Radio


Porqué usted necesita una Radio del Tiempo


Winter Storm Preparedness in Eastern North Carolina


La preparación para las tormentas del Invernal en el área del este de Carolina del Norte




Newsletters I produced for ECU’s Division of Research and Graduate Studies, 2006-2008: Exploration and Discovery.
I was solely responsible for reporting, writing, and editing the issues listed below.


October 2006


December 2006


February 2007


May 2007


July 2007


October 2007


February 2008


April/May 2008


September 2008



Four articles I wrote for UNC-Chapel Hill’s research newsletter Endeavors (2003):


“Hardball, but Softer”


“Living With Ice”


“Tension in a Circle of Serenity”


“Riches from Russia”