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Some weather links of interest in my home region...

Official forecast for Greenville, NC
Raleigh (loop)
Morehead City (loop)
Wilmington (loop)
Norfolk (loop)
Southeastern U.S. (loop)
National (loop)

regional visible (loop)
national visible (loop)
regional infrared (loop)
national infrared (loop)
national water vapor (loop)
Area Forecast Discussions ("inside baseball" on the local forecast):
Raleigh | Morehead City | Wilmington | Norfolk | Blacksburg
I've heard from a couple of fans who don't know what the expression
"inside baseball" means. I don't care. I know what it means, and it stays.

Latest hourly observations around NC

Other needful things...
National Weather Service portal page
National Hurricane Center (You know when to check it.)
Storm Prediction Center (On those severe thunderstorm and tornado days.)
Weather Prediction Center (For maps and precipitation-total forecasts.)
National briefing from the WPC
7-day precip-total forecast from the WPC
winter weather forecasts from the WPC

How does it work, hiring an editor?

I take PayPal; I love surprises! (Nice ones, anyway.)

Some writing/editing projects I've handled the past few years...
(Not all of them. Just some.)

A Brief Résumé

If you need a voice-over narrator, I'm your man.

Here's a Lightnin' Wells kids' CD I produced:
Jump Little Children: Old Songs for Young Folks

My master's thesis:
American Warning Dissemination and NOAA Weather Radio

(Journalism, UNC-Chapel Hill, 2002)
As far as I know, it's the only comprehensive history of NOAA Weather Radio ever written.

An interesting story I worked on while at UNC:
Broken Arrow: Goldsboro -- the Truth Behind NC's Brush with Nuclear Disaster
My "contact" links in the story are long-since dead...
but the story still makes for a pretty good read.

See my YouTube channel for some nice music videos I have taped.
Some of them have gone out-of-synch...but then, that's YouTube for you.

Ninety percent of life is bullshit. E.g., I don't buy vitamin supplements,
because they are bullshit.

Notice how the comma highlighted above is absolutely necessary.
Without it, the sentence means something entirely different.

On good days I get paid to notice such things.

(Hat tips on "90% theory" to Theodore Sturgeon, Harry G. Frankfurt,
and the inspirational Brad Frost -- all of them stand-out 10 percenters.)

Saving the planet one dangling modifier at a time.

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